Sailing courses

Learning the basics of sailing within 4 days

Would you like to learn the trick of sailing? During the summer holiday and Ascension/Pentecost you can take place in a course at De Kuilart. With sufficient participation courses are also given in low season.  The courses are only given with sufficient participation (minimum of 2 persons  with the valk course and 3 persons for the optimist course). Diplomated instructors can learn you the basics of sailing within four days. Furthermore, you also have the possibility to take place in a surf course. This can be done at SurfcenterSudwest. The surf instructors will get you the knowledge of surfing. In short, you will find many opportunities concerning watersports. 

Sailing course optimist

Lots of good sailers often got their first experience with sailing in an optimist! During this optimist course the kids are playfully being taught sailing in these ideal boats. The minimum age is 8 years old and a swimming diploma is compulsory. The course consists of 4 periods of 2 hours, divided over 4 days. Extra attention is paid to the basics such as steering, use of the sail and use of the boat itself. The water of Holiday Park De Kuilart is a safe area where, under supervision, can be practised.

Sailing course valk

From the age of 12 years we recommend a sailing course in a valk. The valk is a stable and secure instruction boat. Our certified instructors will teach you the basics of sailing within 4 periods of 3 hours, a total of 12 hours. During the course the basic principals of sailing are being taught, such as rig, moor and steer the boat as well as the sailing positions. Moreover, it is also possible to get in a valk course with your whole family in one valk (max. 4 persons).

Surf course

For more information about the surf course you can inform yourself at SurfcenterSudwest. They offer the surf course on Holiday Park De Kuilart.