Dog policy

Dogs are welcome!

Holiday Park De Kuilart allows dogs nearly everywhere on the park,  nevertheless there are rules that apply. We hope you will understand that these rules apply to all dogs, regardless how sweet your dog is or how well he/she is trained.

Dog policy

  • Per camping pitch, harbour berth or accommodation there is only one dog allowed.*
  • Dogs are allowed everywhere. Except on pitches 288 to 353 and the following accommodations: Veranda Bungalows 55 to 63, all Holiday Houses De Kuilart, the Water Villas 13 to 19 and 27 to 33, all Pavilion Apartments and the Waterchalets (with the exception of Waterchalet 33 and 44).
  • Dogs are not allowed on the playground and on both beaches.
  • Dogs are not allowed to swim at both beaches on Holiday Park De Kuilart, but they can swim in the remaining area of the harbour.
  • Dogs are allowed in the café and on the terrace, but not in the restaurant.
  • Dogs must be leashed at any time and always be accompanied by a person (therefore do not leave the dog unattended in the boat, caravan, tent or bungalow).
  • If your dog, for whatever reason, bites a person, the dog has to leave the park immediatly.
  • The dog should be walked outside the park and you should always carry a scoop (free available at the reception). When your dog does his needs at the park, we do expect you to clean it up. We would not appreciate it if other guests suffer from your dog and its needs.

* Large dogs like Rottweilers, Dobermans and Bouviers and other similar fighting dogs and guard dogs (except for a sheepdog) are not allowed at Holiday Park De Kuilart.

Dog walking area in the surrounding of De Kuilart

  • Forest area for dogs in Oudemirdum: this is an area of about 20 hectare between Camping De Waps and the street Beukenlaan at Oudemirdum. Elfbergen is the only forest area in Gaasterland where dogs are allowed to walk around without a leash, for this reason dog owners from the surrounding are fond of this area.
  • Beach for dogs in Lemmer: between the 1st of October and 30th of April dogs are allowed to walk around without a leash on the whole beach. In the summer months (between the 1st of May and the 30th of September) dogs are only allowed on the beach for dogs. Here dogs are allowed to run, swim and play the whole year through. Note: there is a clean up duty, respect this so that other visitors do not have any hassle from the dogs.
  • Beach for the dogs in Harlingen: a beautiful recreational beach with view over the harbour and the Waddenzee (salt water). Between the 1st of September and the 1st of May dogs are allowed to run, swim and play. After the 1st of May dogs are allowed, but have to be on a leash.
  • Beach for dogs in Makkum:  on the beach is a small area where dogs can walk around without a leash, furthermore there is a large beach (about 1 km) with beautiful view over the IJsselmeer. Between the 1st of October and 15 April dogs are allowed on the beach (on a leash), otherwise the beach is not allowed for dogs.