Opening hours De Kuilart

Opening hours Grand Café

Grand Café: Update: Information about the coronavirus (COVID-19): From Sunday 15th March till Monday 6th of April 2020 is our Grand Café closed.

Opening hours Reception & other facilities

Reception: during the Winter period the reception is open from Monday until Saturday from 9.00 til 17.00 o’clock. During the camping season we are open every day, from Monday until Sunday from 9.00 til 18.00 o’clock.

Swimming pool: Update: Information about the coronavirus (COVID-19): the swimming pool is open all year round, except for the months January, February, March and April. Open from 7th April till 13th of september 2020. Closed from 14. September 2020 till 11th May 2021, due to swimming pool renewal.

Supermarket: Update: Information about the coronavirus (COVID-19): the supermarket is open during the season (from April till September) and opens this year on the 7th of April 2020.

Gas station: the gas station at the port office can only be used under the supervision of Kuilart staff.

Do you have questions about the opening hours, please contact our reception.

You can download the exact opening hours per period below: