Arrange your cancellation insurance

For a carefree holiday on Holiday Park De Kuilart you go well insured on your trip. This can be done with your own continuous cancellation insurance or you can close a cancellation fund through the Holiday Park De Kuilart.

Holiday Park De Kuilart cancellation insurance

The rent of the pitch, accommodation or berth can be increased by 5% of the rent. This is the amount you pay for the cancellation fund of De Kuilart. The cancellation fund indemnifies you against costs of cancellation. This is only the case if the cancellation is due to the following events. In addition, this must be substantiated with official statements. For example, a letter from the doctor in case of illness.

Events falling under the cancellation fund

  • Firstly, in the event of the death, sudden illness or accident of a family member in the first degree. The main person or one of the participants.
  • Secondly, in the event of early termination of your holiday. Secondly, in the event of early termination of your holiday, due to the death of a family member in the first degree of the main person or one of the participants.
  • Thirdly, in the event of early termination of the holiday due to fire, storm damage or lightning strike to the house or contents of the main person or one of the participants.
  • Fourthly; a special call-up for military service. Different from mobilisation.
  • Fifthly; involuntary unemployment of the main person.
  • Sixthly; the unexpected provision of a rented house by the main person. Of which the rental starts in the period of 30 days before the start of the rental up to and including the last day of the rental of the holiday accommodation.
  • Seventh; forced relocation of the main person due to medical reasons, renovation or change of job.
  • Finally; the breakdown of the private means of transport used by the main person for the trip. This by theft, fire, explosion or any other external calamity. Provided this occurs within 30 days before the intended date of arrival at the holiday destination.

Conditions of taking out cancellation insurance and costs

Cancellation insurance is taken out immediately after booking. This can also be done 14 days after completing the reservation (for the first payment). Cancellation insurance runs from the day of arrival until the day of your arrival.

Do you cancel for one of the above reasons before the day of arrival? Then you will be charged 5% of the rental price and the preference costs. The costs of the cancellation insurance are non-refundable.

Recron Conditions

If you do not conclude a cancellation insurance via the Kuilart, then the costs of cancellation will be calculated according to the conditions of the Recron. Also when you cancel according to the Recron Conditions you pay in addition to the cancellation costs also an administration fee.