Long term camping

We offer several options for long term camping, for example preseason, late season or seasonal can be reserved. As well as monthly pitches may, june and september.

Preseason 01/04-04/07 €595.00 €675.00 €995.00
Seasonal premium 01/04-31/10 €1,895.00
Seasonal 01/04-31/10 €1,795.00
Late season 23/08-31/10 €405.00 €435.00 €610.00
Month May 01/05-29/05 €415.00 €445.00 €610.00
Long month May 24/04-29/05 €470.00 €500.00 €690.00
Month June 02/06-04/07 €335.00 €375.00 €495.00
Month September 01/09-30/09 €335.00 €375.00 €495.00

*Check out the packages for evt. extra costs.

Electric and water use with long term camping

Prices for a preseason, season and late season are exclusive eletric and water use (via meter). Costs for the use will be charged afterwards. With the packages for the month May, June and September electric is inclusive. For all long term camping packages applies that all pitches are inclusive 16 ampere electric. This is inclusive in the price.

Standard, Comfort or Supercomfort pitches

For long term camping you can choose for three different types of pitches seasonal pitches are always comfort pitches), alle three types are car free. Our Standard Pitches have (16 ampere) electric. The Comfort Pitches are equipped with electric as well as water, waste water and digital tv connection. For even more luxury we even have pitches with additional your own private sanitary, the Supercomfort Pitches.


On all camping pitches is one dog allowed, except for the pitches with the numbers 288 until 353. These pitches no dogs are allowed. Check for more information our dog policy.