Frequently asked questions


Is there Internet available on the park?

Yes, there is a Wi-Fi connection of KPN Hotspots on the entire park. Per accommodation there is free Wi-Fi for the maximum number of persons who can stay in the accommodation. You receive 2 free codes per camping pitch. Check out the possibilities for internet on Holiday Park De Kuilart.

Are pets allowed?

One dog is allowed per accommodation, campsite or berth at an extra charge. For the accommodations a number of exceptions, which you can find in the dog policy. Here you will also find additional information, should you bring your pet.

Is it allowed to barbecue on the park?

Yes, barbecuing is allowed. However, open fires are prohibited. If you want to barbecue you need to bring your own barbecue or rent it somewhere, it is not possible to rent it with us..

Is it allowed to light fireworks on the holiday park?

It is not allowed to light fireworks on the park, as Holiday Park De Kuilart is a fireworks-free park.

Please note that the adjacent villa park (right next to the entrance) does not belong to the park. It is therefore possible that fireworks may be set off here. Did you book private villa no. 19? It is located on this villa park and therefore not fireworks-free.

Can I reach Holiday Park De Kuilart with public transport?

Yes, at 1 kilometre distance there is a bus stop ‘De Galamadammen’ or come by train and get off at the train station Koudum-Molkwerum, 5 kilometres from De Kuilart. From there you can call for example Taxi Bosman for transportation to the Kuilart.

How does My Kuilart work?

You can log in with your own email address, registered with us, and your own chosen password onto My Kuilart. Via My Kuilart you can change your data (such as your license plate), look into your reservation details en pay vacant posts via IDEAL.

I am not staying on De Kuilart, can I still make use of the swimming pool?

If you do not stay on the Kuilart, you may pay to use the pool. An entrance ticket can be paid at the reception. Please note that the swimming pool is only open for park guests during the high season (Ascension/Pentecost and the summer holidays). Outside the high season you are of course very welcome!

Can I make use of the facilities of De Kuilart when I am not yet checked in or already checked out?

Yes, this is no problem. Please note, for the swimming pool you need an entrance card. This can be obtained at the reception.


What are the changeover days?

You can arrive on Monday as well as Friday. You can book per week, weekend or midweek. In the main holiday period it is only possible to book from Friday to Friday. Check for deviant periods around the holidays in our accommodation-arrangements.

What are the arrival and departure times?

Check-in: You can check-in from 16:00 onwards and the reception is open until 18:00 in the season and until 17:00 in the off-season. If you arrive later than 17:00 or 18:00, please contact reception.

Check out: You have to check out before 10:00. This is also possible the evening before, we kindly ask you to put the key in the keybox (at the front door of the reception on the right side under the intercom).

Do we need to pay a deposit for the rental of the accommodation?

You do not need to pay a deposit; you do need to fill in a deposit agreement (in Dutch) for a value of € 100,-. This authorization will only be used in case of damage or extra cleaning.

Can I check which accommodations are still available?

Via the online search and book system you can click on “booking on groundplan” at the right side of the page. This will then show all available accommodations of the type you have selected.


What are the arrival and departure days?

In the high season arrival and departure days are on Friday and Saturday. Outside these weeks you can also arrive on a different day.

What are the arrival and departure times?

You can arrive at your pitch from 13:00. You must leave your pitch before 12:00.
Please note: Have you booked a super comfort pitch? Your own sanitary facilities are available from 16:00.

Can I also check out at a later time?

This is possible, please ask at reception on the day of departure. Late check-out is only possible in the low season, the extra charge to stay until 15.00 is € 10.00 and until 18.00 € 15.00.

Can I see which pitches are still available?

Through our online search and book system you can click on “booking on groundplan” at the right side of the page, this will show all available pitches.

Can you park your car on the camping pitch?

Our camping pitches are car free, cars can be parked on the given parking area’s.

How many small tents can be added on the camping pitch?

A maximum of two small tents are allowed, as long as they fit on the pitch. There is no extra charge for this, but you do have to pay a rate and tourist tax for any extra people staying on the pitch.

Is a party tent allowed?

Only grey party dome tents are permitted, for example the Coleman or the Bo-Garden. For more information, please see our park rules.

Is there a cable TV connection available?

All comfort and super comfort pitches have a connection for digital TV, not analogue.

How does the showering system work?

Our showers work with a SEP-card system, where showers are included for tourist camping from 2022 onwards (except for arrangements and seasonal and annual pitches). You can also purchase the card with € 5.00 credit at the marina payment terminal (near the swimming pool), at the reception or from the harbour master. The cards can be recharged with cash in the toilet buildings or with a debit card at the marina payment terminal or at reception. The remaining credit balance will not be reimbursed, but we ask you to return the empty card to reception.

As a guest of the park, may we receive day visitors?

Yes, day visitors are welcome, you don’t have to report this at the reception. There is no extra charge for day visitors. Only parking (on the car park near the reception) is charged (€ 5.00 per day). The parking ticket can be paid after the visit with the pin at the pay machine next to the barrier.

As a guest, may we receive guests?

Yes, of course guests are welcome. If you have a guest, please inform the reception of this. For guests you pay an overnight rate and possibly € 5,00 (per day) parking fee for the car (on the car park near the reception) can be paid after your visit by debit card at the pay machine next to the barrier.

Do over-night guests also get a swimming pool entrance ticket?

Yes, guests will also receive a swimming pool pass if they have registered at reception and paid for the overnight stay.

Is the youth also welcome on the campsite?

Children until the age of 18 years are only allowed on the campsite with under supervision of parents and/or caregivers.

Can I leave my tent or caravan uninhabited on the campsite?

If the reserved pitch is free / will remain free, this is possible and you can reserve this in advance or during your stay. You pay the regular overnight rate for this.

Can I use the water connection on the pitch the whole year round?

No, in the off-season (after 31 October and before 1 April) the water on the pitches is disconnected. There is only water on the pitches during the camping season.


Is there electric and water available on the piers?

There are power and water supplies available on most of the piers. You can make use of this by using a SEP card, where you can get electricity or water for € 1.50. This is equivalent to 2 kWh or 100 litres of water. In the case of electricity, 1 kWh is valid for 24 hours and the second for the next 24 hours.

How does the showering system work?

The showers at Holiday Park De Kuilart work with a SEP-card system. You can buy these with € 5,00 credit at the marina payment terminal, the reception or the harbour master. You can recharge the cards with cash in toilet buildings or with a debit card at the marina payment terminal or the reception. Do you no longer use the card? Then we would like to see it returned for reuse. Is there still credit on the card? This credit will not be returned. Did you know that the SEP card system is a nationwide system and therefore can be used in several marinas?

Can I also use the swimming pool as a passer-by in the marina?

Certainly, passers-by can buy a low-priced day pass at reception so that they can enter and exit the swimming pool several times a day. This advantageous rate is only available on presentation of a receipt for your overnight stay.

Is it possible to put up a small tent?

On the special hikers’ field near the entrance of the harbour you can put up small two person tents. However, you must report this to the harbour master or reception. You will then receive a receipt or a sticker.

Boat rental

Do I need a licence?

You do not need a licence for our rental boats.

From what age can I rent a boat?

You can rent a boat from the Kuilart from the age of 25.

Do we need to pay a deposit when we rent a boat?

You do not have to pay a deposit, but you must fill in a rental contract with an excess of € 500, -. This is only used in case of missing inventory or actual damage. On departure without missing inventory or damage to the boat, the authorisation will be destroyed

Can we take the rental boat to the IJsselmeer?

It is not allowed to take the rental boats of De Kuilart onto the IJsselmeer.

Swimming pool

What is the entrance fee to the swimming pool?

Tickets for the swimming pool are € 10.00 per person (children under 1 year free) and are available at the reception.

  • Guests staying in accommodation or at the campsite during a short stay have free access to the swimming pool.
  • Annual and seasonal guests at the campsite pay € 10.00 per ticket.
  • Permanent berth holders in the marina pay € 10.00 per ticket per season.
  • Passers-by in the marina can buy a day ticket for the swimming pool at the reception for € 10.00 per person per day upon presentation of the berthing fee receipt.
I am not a guest in the park, can I use the swimming pool?

Of course, you are also welcome in our swimming pool if you are not staying with us at the park. This is possible in low season, in high season (Ascension, Whitsun and the summer holidays) the pool is only open to park guests. In addition, there may also be times when the pool is only open to park guests, at our opening hours you will see this displayed.

Is there also lane swimming?

In the morning there is the possibility for lane swimming. This is possible from the age of 18.
This is shown in the opening hours at the door of the swimming pool.

Are there lockers in the pool?

Yes, the pool has lockers. These work with a code that you can choose yourself when you want to use the locker.

Are there facilities for babies and disabled people?

Yes, there is a disabled toilet with a changing table.

What slides does the swimming pool have?

The swimming pool has no less than three slides. Among others the “IJsvogel”, a speed (with speedometer), and the “Zeearend”, a cone-shaped slide where you will have a unique slide experience! And in the water playground there is another slide for the little daredevils!