Our park uses the SEP card, which you can use to shower in our sanitary buildings, for the use of electricity and water in the marina and for the launderette.

  • In each shower there is a SEP card reader which debits the credit used (€ 0.02 per 10 sec. shower).
  • On the marina, you can charge electricity (per 2 kWh) at the central power point cabinets and take water (per ± 100 litres) at the water points.
  • The washing machines and dryers can be used with the SEP card.

You can buy a SEP card and top it up at the ticket machine at the swimming pool and at reception. The purchase price is € 5.00 per card, you will then immediately have a credit of € 5.00 on the card. At reception, you can pay with both pin and cash, and at the liggeldbetaalautomaat you can only pay by pin. There are also SEP card top-up stations in all sanitary buildings where you can top up with cash.

For tourist camping, five minutes of showering per person per day is included (except for monthly packages, pre-season, season, post-season and annual pitches) .

Of course we would like you to return the card to our reception, the remaining credit will not be refunded. Are you coming back to us? Then of course you can keep the remaining credit for your next visit. By the way, did you know that the card can also be used in other marinas?