Our showering system for the campsite can be used with a SEP-card. In every shower you will find a SEP-card reader with which the used credit will be deducted (€ 0,02 per 10 seconds showering). With the SEP-card you can also use electricity (€ 1,50 per 2 kWh) and water (€ 0,50 per ± 100 liter).

You can buy and and charge the SEP-card at the reception and the harbour payment machine at the swimming pool. The price is € 5,00 per card, this card is then already charged with € 5,00 credit. At the reception you can pay with cash money or card, at the harbour payment machine you can only pay with card. In all sanitary buildings you can charge your SEP-card with cash money.

If you hand in the card at the reception when you depart you will receive the remaining credit back. You can also keep the card for a nex visit. Did you know that the card is also usable in other harbours? Check for more information