The Frisian Eleven Cities

Traces of a rich trade history and former maritime shipping are visible in all of the Frisian Eleven Cities. Every city has its own charm, and also the size differs: Sloten has 900 inhabitants, whilst Leeuwarden has more than 90.000 inhabitants. Visiting all of the Eleven Cities would be a real experience. The weather often does not allow to do it on ice-skates (the real way it is done), but it is also an experience to do it on foot, by bike, by boat or with the car. Thanks to the rich history there are many sights to be seen in all the cities. Read all about the Eleven Cities in the menu on the left.

The Frisian Eleven Cities Tour

The weather in The Netherlands does not always allow it to do the tour on ice skates, but the tour is just as interesting to go by foot, on a bike, by boat, by car or even to do it swimming. Moreover, since 2018, all Frisian Eleven Cities have their own fountain thanks to the Cultural Capital 2018. So, in this case you can always take the Frisian Eleven Cities Fountain Route.