Special atmosphere

The wooden bridges over the small canals give the city Hindeloopen a special atmosphere. In this Frisian city plenty recalls the glory days that Hindeloopen experienced during the 17th and 18th century. A lively trade was driven with Norway, the Baltic Sea countries and Russia. Lots of merits were spend in Amsterdam, with which Hindeloopen had a good relation with, on valuable fabrics and objects that were supplied by the United East Indian Compagny (VOC). Due to this Hindeloopen blossomed to a centre of interior and art of painting.

An own culture

Due to their own wealth the inhabitants of Hindeloopen had their own colourful regional costume and because of the many contacts in the northern countries their own language arose, which is still spoken. In the small streets you can still see the captains houses with the little anchors on the front of the house, as a sign that the captain could still accept cargo. In the summer captain’s wifes and their children lived in the small houses behind the large houses, the so called “likhûzen”. In the former Town Hall is now the museum “Hidde Nijland Stichting” located, in this museum you can get more information about the typical culture of Hindeloopen.