The capital of Friesland

Leeuwarden is the start and ending point of the famous “Friese Elfstedentocht” (Frisian Eleven City Tour)! A city with a viceregal history, lots of monuments that remember of that time and a shopping centre with lots of special shops and good restaurants and bars. In the city centre you will find the remarkable “Oldehove”, an old church almost as crooked as the tower of Pisa. In the summer period you can climb the “Oldehove”, which offers you a breathtaking view over the city and the Frisian countryside even until the Wadden Sea!

Leeuwarden Cultural Capital Europe 2018

Cultural Capital is Europe’s most ambitious event in the field of art and culture. And in 2018 we brought this beautiful event to Friesland and many special events were held and beautiful art was displayed. The central theme is ‘Iepen Mienskip’, working together on a better world from the bottom up and in open connection with the world. Especially the idea of ​​actually leaving something permanent behind with the events made many a jury heart beat faster. We believe that cultural initiatives must mean something. That they give a fresh impulse to our way of thinking and living.

Frisian Museum Leeuwarden

In every corner of the Frisian Museum you will find the wealth, luxury and glory of the past of Friesland: 17th century old Frisian silverware, the prominent portrays from the 16th and 17th century, the stylish Frisian costumes, the 18th century period rooms of the “Eysingahuis” and the mysteries of Mata Hari. This and much more can be found in one of the most beautiful museum of Friesland.