On the edge of the  Gaasterlandse forests

Just before Oudemirdum lies the beautifully located “Rinia State”. This manorial state was build in 1843 in the style of the neoclassicism. Oudemirdum is located on the edge of the elongated forests of Gaasterland and is the centre of recreation. The village square remembers of a farmyard. It breathes a rustique atmosphere, because of the gables and linden-trees.

Large prey

In 1329 Oudemirdum was a significant village and a large prey in the eyes of the West Frisians, natives of the current North Holland. A touch down on the coast was not a problem since the dikes were raised. Oudemirdum and its inhabitants were completely surprised by the prowl of the West Frisians, who retreated themselves with a large price. A revenge was called out and a prowl reversed direction followed. The conflict was continued on sea and in this case the losers were thrown overboard. In the end the abbot of the St.Odulphus Monastery from Stavoren had to interfere to make peace. When the clouds of smoke disappeared above Oudemirdum there was not much left of the significant village it was before.