The 12th city of Friesland?

Makkum could easily be the 12th city of the province Friesland. The village has an urban structure derived from the 17th century with prominent merchantshouses and richly decorated houses. Due to the location at the coast Makkum is traditionally a harbour and fishing village and the centre of ceramics industry. There were among other things, brickfields, tile companies, wood, oil, paper and barley mills, shipyards and more than 100 limekilns. Are you here for relaxing, then you can visit the beach of Makkum for a pleasant day at the beach.

Centre of ceramics industry

The large shipping industry has disappeared because of the silting of the Zuider Zee, but ship building and production of ceramics and tiles still are the most important local industries. Still Makkum is famous for the three centuries old ceramics of the family Tichelaar (a “tichelaer” was a tile painter).