A strategical location

Water has always been important for Lemmer. In the Middle Ages battles were frequently fought in Lemmer; an attempt to enter Friesland via the harbour of Lemmer. In the 17th and 18th century Lemmer became a harbour village for the Baltic Sea shipping. A century later it was only seen as a fishing harbour.

The present Lemmer

Nowadays the water is still important for Lemmer. Lots of freight traffic and pleasure cruising pass the Prinses Margriet lock, the gate between the IJsselmeer and the Frisian Lakes. The former fishing village has grown to a holiday resort with style in the last decades. Also the Frisian bosom water is kept up to the mark in Lemmer. Just outside the village you can find the Ir. D. F. Woudagemaal (water pump station). This is the largest still working steam pumping station of Europe.