Playing facilities

Play facilities for children of all ages

Our play facilities are a great pleasure for parents and their children. A holiday park where children can have fun while climbing and scrambling, playing sports and games. Enjoy the play facilities at the park! Who wouldn’t want that? Curious what De Kuilart offers, take a look below!


Children will never be bored in our playground with its many play facilities. Clamber up the climbing pyramid or swing like a real pirate from the deck of our pirate ship. The playground is located next to the indoor swimming pool where you can enjoy yourself on a bench or the sunbathing area while your children play.

In addition to the playground above, there are several playgrounds scattered around the park so the little kids can also play close to the caravan. Curious where? On our map you can see exactly which fields have play equipment.

Football field

We also have a football field where youngsters can enjoy themselves for hours. With newly made friends they kick a ball around or play a fanatical game of football. And in the evening they return tired with the best stories about who won! Various sports & games activities also take place here.


Especially for the youth, De Kuilart has a challenging skate camp. The skate camp is free to use throughout the season. Who pulls off the funniest stunts? However, the use is at your own risk.

Table tennis table

Next to the skate camp, it is possible to play table tennis. Bring your own table tennis bats or buy them at the supermarket. Make it a nice game and hope you win!