Playing facilities

Playing facilities for children of all ages

A big pleasure for the parents and their children is a holiday park where children can have a playful time. Who would not enjoy that? Here at De Kuilart are many playing facilities for different ages.

Other playing facilities:


Children will enjoy themselves at any moment in our playground. Climbing the climbing pyramid or going down the cableway, as a real pirate, from the deck of our own pirate play ship. The playground is situated next to the indoor swimming pool which gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on your own children from a small bench or sunbathing area.

Furthermore, you will find several playing attributes spread over the holiday park area, where your children can also play.

Soccer field

Moreover, we also have a soccer field were the youth can enjoy themselves at all times. Have fun with their just made friends or playing a fanatic game of soccer.

Some animation and activties are here as well.

Skate ramp

Especially for the youth Holiday Park De Kuilart has a challenging skate ramp. The skate ramp can be used for free during the whole season (use is at own risk).

Ping-pong table

Next to the skate ramp there is the possibility to play a game of ping-pong on the nearby ping-pong tables. Take your own bats or buy them at the supermarket.