Valk course

Sailing course in a valk

From the age of 12 years we recommend a sailing course in a valk. The valk is a stable and secure instruction boat. Our certified instructors will teach you the basics of sailing within 4 periods of 3 hours, a total of 12 hours. During the course the basic principals of sailing are being taught, such as rig, moor and steer the boat as well as the sailing positions.

Conditions and prices

The sailing courses will always take place also with rain or bad weather, if necessary a theoretical class is given in case of thunder. A swimming diploma is compulsory and it is recommended to take rain clothes with you. Furthermore, wearing a life-jacket is also recommended and it is best not to take valuable possessions with you.

The price of the course is € 165.00 per person.

Programme per day (example)

Day 1:
We will start with the rig up of the boat. You will learn the different terms: what is a boom, gaff, jib, mainsail, sheets and so on. Afterwards we are going to sail, in which everyone takes his/her turn on the rudder. This day you will also learn to come about (turn the boat) and take different courses.

Day 2:
The crew will start to rig up their boat by themselves. We will repeat the aspects of the first day and will also practice to luff up – to bear away of the wind, upwind, to gybe and to beat against the wind.

Day 3:
After you have rigged up the boat with your crew we will start sailing again and repeat what we have learned the days before. You will learn what is meant by windward, leeward, high shore, low shore and alongside shore.

Day 4:
Today already the last day of the course. You will make a nice sailing trip during which the crew does it all by themselves. We repeat the most important things and learn how to moor all by yourself.

Learning to sail at De Kuilart

Sailing is an ideal outdoor sport for young and old or for the whole family. It can be quite relaxing, but also very sportive. We are therefore also convinced that everyone can enjoy this fine division of watersport. The enthusiasm about the sailing sport makes us eager to share our knowledge and skills to everyone who is interested. For more information about the sailing course you can always contact us without any obligations!