Beautiful chalets at the water

The waterchalet park is part of Holiday Park De Kuilart, but has its own beautiful site at the water. By means of this you can enjoy the facilities and activities of the holiday park in an optimal way, but you still have your own spot with peace and space and maybe even your own boat in front of the chalet! For this waterchaletpark of De Kuilart there are three different type of chalets designed: Premium Waterchalet, Luxe Waterchalet and Luxe XL Waterchalet. In total a number of 58 waterchalets can be placed in the waterchaletpark.

With the placing and design of the waterchalets there has been taken into account to create feeling of being inside but feeling the outside nature, lots of space, light and a modern design have been important assets in this case. Via De Kuilart you can also rent out several private waterchalets, but of course you can also buy one yourself.

Rental waterchalet

Not in possession of your own camping equipment, but still want the comfort and luxury of an overnight stay at the campsite? Choose to rent out a waterchalet on Holiday Park De Kuilart, it offers you all possibilities for a cosy camping holiday! On De Kuilart you can rent out these waterchalets, completely decorated and with lots of privacy. Click on the button below to view the rental possibilities on our Dutch website.

Sale of a chalet on the waterchaletpark

Are you looking for an ideal second home? Then you can choose to buy a waterchalet on one of the beautiful and spacious free plots at the waterchaletpark. From out of your own waterchalet, with your own berth in front of the waterchalet, you can enjoy the watersport heart of Friesland. All information about the possibilities and rules of the park can be obtained at the reception. The sale of the waterchalets is done by the owners of the holiday park, Familie Bleckman. You can contact the reception for the sale or other information about the waterchaletpark.