Walking route “Kabouterpad” (dwarf path)

Lovely for the kids
This dwarf path is a short walk especially meant for the children. In Oudemirdum at the information centre “Mar en Klif” are little assignment booklets you can buy that make this route even more delightful for your little ones. To get to the path you can drive the first part from the information centre by car, until the barrier. Or you can also walk the first part towards the dwarf path. After this first part you will start following the red assigned path and go right just before the tennis complex into the little lane. At the dwarf path the dwarfs will guide you and your little ones the way. The dwarf path goes round, so you will always end at the first dwarf.

1. Go left onto the “Brink”.
2. Keep following the “Fonteinwei” until the “Kooilaan”.
3. Go left onto the “Kabouterpad” (at the lake).
4. Keep following the “Kabouterpad” until you reach the “Fonteinwei”.
5. Stay on the “Fonteinwei” until you reach “Alde Buorren”.
6. Go to the right at the T-junction and follow the “Brink”.
7. You have arrived at your starting point, this is also the finish.

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