Walking route “IJsselmeer”

Walking along the city Stavoren, one of the Frisiant Eleven Cities
You will take a walk along the IJsselmeer during this walk. The route is about 4 kilometers long. The IJsselmeer came to existence through the damming of the Zuider Zee with the “Afsluitdijk” (dike). It is the largest lake of The Netherlands with a surface of 1,100 square metres. You will walk from Molkwerum to Stavoren. Stavoren is a Hanseatic city and has about 996 inhabitants. A Hanseatic city is originally a collaboration organisation of German cities around the Baltic Sea. Later several Dutch cities joined this organisation, such as the Frisian cities Stavoren, Bolsward and Hindeloopen.

1. Start at Camping “It Seleantsje” in “Molkwerum”.
2. Go left onto the sea dike.
3. Stay on the sea dike until you reach “Stavoren”.
4. Go left onto the “Kooijweg”.
5. Go right onto the “Kooijweg”.
6. Continue the road to the right.
7. Go left onto the old lock.
8. Go right after the old lock onto the “Havenweg”.
9. Go left onto the “Zeedijk”.
10. This is your finish.

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