Sail Route 7 Eleven Cities (91 km)

1. Start at De Kuilart.
2. Sail out of the harbour towards the water area “Oude Karre”.
3. Cross the water area “Oude Karre”.
4. Sail from the water area “Oude Karre” to the canal “Rijstervaart”.
5. Stay on the “Waterweg” until the T-junction.
6. Sail to the left onto the “Van Swinderenvaart”.
7. The “Van Swinderenvaart” continues into “De Luts”.
8. Sail through the village “Balk”.
9. Sail from the “Slotermeer” towards the “Slotergat”.
10. Sail back to “Slotergat” towards “Slotermeer”.
11. Sail through the village “Woudsend”.
12. Sail to the right onto the “Johan Friso Kanaal (Jeltesloot)”.
13. Sail to the left onto the “Wijde Wijmerts”.
14. Sail to the right at “IJlst” towards the “Draai”.
15. Go right at the first corner and follow the waterway until the watergate of “Sneek”.
16. Go to the left and sail onto the “Franekervaart” through the village “Roodhuis”.
17. Continue to the left onto the “Hidaardervaart”, this continues into the “Oude Kloostervaart”.
18. Stay onto the “Oude Kloostervaart” until the city “Bolsward”.
19. Turn left and follow the waterway through the city “Bolsward”.
20. Sail onto the “Workumertrekvaart”.
21. Keep following this waterway.
22. Sail straight on along the city “Workum”, onto the “Dijkvaart”.
23. The “Dijkvaart” continues into the “Oostervaart”.
24. The “Oostervaart” continues into the “Oude Oostervaart”.
25. Stay on the “Oude Oostervaart” until you reach the city “Hindeloopen”.
26. Go left and sail over the “Noorder Dijkvaart”.
27. Sail through the city “Stavoren” en go left onto the “Johan Frisokanaal”.
28. Stay on the “Johan Frisokanaal” until you reach the water area “De Morra”.
29. Cross “De Morra” and sail into the direction of the water area “De Oorden”.
30. Keep to the left until you reach your starting point.

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