Sail route De Fluessen–De Luts (33 km)

1. Start at De Kuilart.
2. Sail out of the harbour and go left towards the water area “De Oorden”.
3. Sail right ahead towards the village “Elahuizen” and sail onto the water area “De Fluessen”.
4. “Elahuizen” is a composition of the former independent village “Nijega” and “Elahuizen”. Both villages where small populated  district, with extremely scattered cultivation. In between the both villages a dairy factory was build. Nowadays most of the area around the diary factory is used for water recreation facilities. In 1825 many of the old houses and farms where destroyed by the water that came onto the land.
5. Sail straight on towards the lake “Heegermeer”.
6. Sail to the right onto the water area “Woudsender Rakken”.
7. “Woudsend” is a modern water sport village, with lots of terraces at the water and berths in the middle of the village. In the centre of the village you will still see the old-fashioned enchantment of the port village. The alleys, the small views and monumental premises with the two Artisan windmills, from which windmill “het Lam” still grinds flour, influence this enchantment in a positive way.
8. Go right under the bridge and sail straight on towards the lake “Slotermeer”.
9. Go right in the direction of the village “Balk”.
10. From the 15th until the 18th century the village “Balk” has grown immensely thanks to the dairy products trade,  particularly the butter trade. “Balk” was in that time, together with “Sloten” the business centre. The historical centre of the village has a protected front side. On the corner of the street Dubbelstraat you will find a town hall. This town hall has a high terras with lions that hold the shields. On the house front of the building de date of foundation (1615) can be found, in the most beautiful wall anchors with curls. So pretty and gracious that the year is almost unreadable.
11. Sail towards the village “Balk” via the canal “De Luts”.
12. Sail towards the village “Ruigahuizen” via the canal “De Luts”.
13. Behind the “Coenederssingel” you will find a surprise. The long entrance way takes you to “De Mottenkamp”. An authentic country lodge, with a white exterior in which the neoclassicism dominates. “De Mottenkamp” has a frontal view with two wings and in the middle a higher centre part. The three buildings are furnished with charming art deco.
14. Sail towards the “van Swinderenvaart” over the canal “De Luts”.
15. Stay onto the canal “De Luts”.
16. Cross the “van Swinderenvaart” and sail in the direction of the “Spookhoekstervaart”.
17. Sail to the right onto the “Spookhoekstervaart”.
18. Continue on the “Spookhoekstervaart”.
19. Go to the right at the “Rijstervaart” and continue until you reach the water area “Oude Karre”.
20. Keep onto the left until you will get to the starting point.

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