Rights at the Thames in London

Workum is one of the most beautiful Frisian cities. There is lots of enchanting culture to see. Along the “Gedempte Wijmerts” you can see beautiful gables and monumental buildings, such as the St. Gertrudischurch, “De Waag” (weighhouse) and the Town Hall. Workum originated along “De Wijmerts”. Already in the 14th century many ships left Workum via “De Wijmerts” towards the Zuider Zee and far behind. Moreover, Workum had a fishing fleet and acquired rights at the Thames in London with this.

Industry and potteries

Besides the maritim activities, the revival of the cattle breeding and industry also provided welfare. There were industrial companies such as shipyards, sail makers, weaving mills and spinning mills. A flourishing sheet and linen industry arose, whereby in 1504 de Workum El (71 cm) as normative was given for the whole of Friesland. Because of the presence of proper clay there were a lot of potteries. When you walk through the city many house fronts will tell you stories about that time.