“De Sneekweek” and  “De Waterpoort”

Because of the beautifully decorated “Waterpoort” (watergate) from the year 1613 Sneek is also called the “Waterpoortstad” (watergate city). Sneek enjoys an international reputation as the watersports paradise of The Netherlands. Even people not completely fan of watersports are familiar with it! “De Sneekweek” is a concept and during this time the starting island on the lake Sneekermeer draws numerous tourists to the area. During the week of “De Sneekweek” many activities are organized, besides the start with the naval inspection and the international sailing matches on the Sneekermeer, many other activities are also organized. Such as music performances, markets, a fun fair and terraces with live music.

Sneek, worth a visit

Besides being the watersports paradise Sneek is also a popular shopping centre and a city with a good night life. Are you interested in a city walk, then you should not skip the Frisian Shipping Museum. In this museum you will find the development and history of the Frisian shipping, watersport and the life of the regional traders and sailors from former centuries.