A historical harbour city

Harlingen is a historical harbour city which is still strongly bound to the sea and shipping. In the Northern and Southern Harbour, in the middle of the city, the tide always ruled. Cargo boats from Russia, Scandinavia or England, ferry boats to Terschelling and Vlieland, fishing cotters, numerous tjalks, clippers and yachts contribute to the activity within the harbours. The immemorial city centre knows many monuments such as patrician  houses, warehouses, the Town Hall, towers and churches, canals and bridges.

The present Harlingen

In total Harlingen has more than 500 monumental buildings with beautiful outer walls that remind of the prosperous time of trade and shipping (whale fishing). Two of the seven bastions, that are part of the city defense on landside, are still intact and surrounded by canals. The old pattern of streets and alleys defines the character of the snugly city centre. Restaurants, cafés and in the summer the terraces on the Northern Harbour, the “Waddenpromenade” and the “Voorstraat”, make it a social hustle. In the harbour you will find the largest “bruine vloot” (Dutch sailing ships). For numerous tjalks and clippers Harlingen is their home.