The Northern city

After Stavoren, Dokkum is the oldest city of all Frisian Eleven Cities (of the Frisian Eleven Cities Tour) that enriches “Fryslân”. Moreover, Dokkum is the most northern city of The Netherlands. As all Frisian Eleven Cities Dokkum has its own charm and character. Walking through the old city centre, enclosed by the walls of the bastion (stone ramparts), you will experience that during the centuries the city centre has not altered.

The Admirality House

Until 1645 the Admirality House has been the seat of the College of Admirality. After this it served as a Latin School and as almshouse. Since 1963 the Admirality House is used as a regional museum. Next to an elaborate topograhy and writings it also shows objects from terps, memories from the monestary period, specific Frisian silverware, handicraft and folk art. Furthermore, you will find variable expositions and a permanent exposition of Bonifacius.