Trading city

The city Bolsward originated from two terp locations at the “Middelzee”. Due to the ideal location Bolsward became a commercial town and harbour town.  In 1455 Bolsward got city laws and joined in on the Hanseatic pact. After the mud silting and impoldering Bolsward developed into an important leverage centre for the whole “Greidhoek” (area between the cities Leeuwarden, Franeker, Bolsward and Sneek). Thanks to the trade in butter and cheese Bolsward experienced great welfare in the 17th and 18th century. Lots from this period has been well preserved, such as the Town Hall in Rennaissance style, the Martini church and the charming gables.

Frisian Eleven City Tour by bike

Bolsward is also the start and ending point for the Frisian Eleven City Tour by bike, annual cycled on the 2nd day of Whitsun.