The warm heart of Southwest Friesland!

The village Koudum is also called “het warme hart van Zuidwest Friesland” (the warm heart of the region Southwest Friesland). With his central location in the Southwest of Friesland on the edge of the lakes De Morra and De Fluessen, Koudum is an attractive area for living and celebrating a holiday. From the early spring until the late autumn Koudum is visited by thousands of tourists. These tourists come to the area for peace, the beautiful environment, the sporty possibilities (from which watersport is one) and for the excellent accommodation. The welcoming kindness of the inhabitants of Koudum makes lots of tourists return yearly.

Koudum, an active village

Lots of volunteers yearly organise activities that are well visited. The union life is on a high level in Koudum. Also the amount of shops is sufficient in the village. It is also due to tourism more enhanced then you would expect in a village of ample 2,700 inhabitants. Besides the daily groceries you can also shop at a variety of other shops. Koudum: “the warm heart of the Southwest of Friesland”, not only because of the beautiful environment and the peace, but also because of the people who live and work there.

“Koudumer beantsjes”

Koudum is famous for its lovely “Koudumer beantsjes” (local snap beans) and its “Koudumer bloemkool” (local cauliflower). The local inhabitants are therefore also often called “beantjes” (beans). The secret of the delicious vegetable is probably the highly appropriate ground in Koudum, in which the beans grow extremely well. Already in the winter months the first vegetables are spread and grown under glass. After a couple of months of hard work the first vegetables can be harvest. Besides the beans and cauliflower also string beans, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, spinache and potatoes are grown in the greenhouses in Koudum. These vegetables are around March available at Wim’s Groente & Fruit (Hoofdstraat 13, Koudum).

Corn-mill “De Vlijt”

At the Molenbuurt, a street in Koudum, the corn-mill “De Vlijt” of the type “spider on stand” is located. In the past a similar mill was located here, but this mill was demolished in 1938. Between 1986 and 1995 the mill was rebuild with parts of a “spider on stand” type of mill from Oppenhuizen, a drainage-mill which was in function until 1947 by pumping 130 hectare of polder. The new “De Vlijt” was equipped with a pair of grind stones to grind the grain and is currently, mostly on Saturdays, operated by voluntary millers of the “Molenstichting Súdwest-Fryslân” (a foundation of the mills within the municipality Súdwest-Fryslân), owner and trustee of the mill. If the mill is in function it is also open for a visit and information given by the miller.