Information flyer

Digital TV
CanalDigitaal no longer offers analogue channels so from now on we can only offer Digital TV in high HD quality. To get the connection you will need a digital receiver or a TV which can receive a digital signal.

How do you know if your tv is appropriate for digital tv?
If you have on of the following logo’s on your tv, then you can watch with HD! Furthermore, you will need a HDMI connection. Then let your tv search for the channels again via antenne on DTV and you will find the digital channels. If your tv does not give any channels and only displays “no signal” then your tv does nog have the digital receiver.


Buy your HD receiver?
If you do not have a TV with digital receiver then you can buy an HD receiver. Note: be sure that the HD decoder is certified via CanalDigitaal. Do you want to be sure that you bought the right one then you can also get your digital receiver at the reception (inclusive HDMI cable), the price is € 50,00.

License place recognition
In the beginning of April 2016 the new barrier with license plate recognition is placed. Please pass on your license plate number to us via the reception or via e-mail ( Per pitch one car is allowed, unless there has been paid for an extra car. You can, on the other hand, give us several license plates to be entered into the system, but only one car at the same time can be on the park.

The garbage truck and loose containers are replaced by two compactors, several paper containers and glass containers on a central garbage island. These containers are placed along the road near the harbour office.

Harbour payment machine & harbour office
The end of March 2016 a harbour payment machine is installed at the swimming pool. As passer-by you can then pay your harbour charges by card. You will receive a sticker from the machine which you can stick on your boat on a visible spot. It is also possible to get your SEP card via the machine.

Despite the new harbour payment machine our harbour master will still be available for you. You can still pay your harbour charges at our harbour office or get your boat when you rented one. However, it is only possible to pay by card at the office.

You can get and recharge your SEP card at the reception and the harbour payment machine by card. The price for a card is € 5.00 per card, this is already inclusive a credit of € 5.00. The remaining credit can be obtained at the reception when you hand in the card, you can also keep the card for a next visit.
At the reception (where cash payment is also possible) and the harbour payment machine you can buy and recharge the card. Furthermore, three of the four sanitary buildings have a SEP card charging machine, where you can charge your card with cash money. Sanitary building 1 (at the pitches nr. 131 till 144) has no charging machine.

The SEP card replaces the old shower coin system. In every shower you will find a SEP card reader whereby the credit will be deducted. The old shower coins can still be used for ironing.

New piers
The pier and dam-wall of the restaurant until the old slipway will be comletely replaced. The piers will now be made of sustainable material and has more eletric connections with 16 ampere electric. With the SEP card you can get your electricity and water at the pier. In the future all other piers in the harbour will also be renewed and transferred to the system, until that time you can use € 0.50 cent coins.

SEP card rates
Showering: 10 sec showering = € 0.02
Electric (on the new piers): 2 Kwh = € 1.00
Water (on the new piers): 100 L = € 0.50

Swimming pool entrance
Since a couple of weeks our swimming pool entrance has a tourniquet (revolving door). The entrance cards can be received at the reception. Seasonal and annual guests pay a single contribution of € 5.00 per card per season/year (from practical point of view: to prevent frequent loss and trading). These guests will receive a plastified swimming pool card for the whole season/year. For visitors of the park a one time entrance fee of € 5.00 is possible, you will receive a coin to enter the swimming pool.

There is an anti-pass-back system on the entrance so one card cannot be used two times in succession.