Rental conditions car rental

  1. The vehicles can only be rented to guests of Holiday Park De Kuilart.
  2. The renters should be in possession of a valid drivers licence.
  3. Prior to the car rental, a copy of the drivers licence of every renter must be made.
  4. Minimum age renter/driver is 18 years.
  5. The rental car can only be driven by the persons who are assigned as driver in the rental contract issued by Holiday Park De Kuilart. Possible extra drivers also have to hand in a copy of their drivers licence at the reception.
  6. No extra charge is calculated for more drivers.
  7. The prices are always exclusive fuel (if not mentioned otherwise). The price per kilometer is € 0.19.
  8. The vehicles are only rented after the rental contract is signed.
  9. The letter is not responsible for personal injury or damage to goods of the renter.
  10. Coinsurance: undersigned agrees with a coinsurance of maximum € 250.00 in case Holiday Park De Kuilart (De Kuilart Recreatie B.V.) has diagnosed that the rental car or third parties have been damaged or when inventory of the vehicle is missing.
  11. When picking up and handing in the rental car, the car is checked for damage.
  12. When the driver has consumed more alcohol then legally permitted, the whole coinsurance is for the drivers own account. Holiday Park De Kuilart (De Kuilart Recreatie B.V) is not responsible in this case.
  13. The rental car is handed out with a full tank and has to be handed in with a full tank. Fuel: Petrol (Benzine) Euro 95. You can fill up the tank at car company “Garage Kemker”, Nieuweweg 8-10, 8723 EA Koudum,             +31 (0) 514 – 521436.

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