Cycling and routes

A lovely cycling trip
In the area around Koudum you will find a chain of panoramic landscapes with numerous lakes, canals en ditches, a beautiful forest area, bordered by the IJsselmeer dike. Furthermore, you will find dozen smaller and larger, often picturesque villages and cities. You can take an endless cycling trip, because the region Southwest Friesland has the longest cycling path network per square metres of The Netherlands and several small ferry-boats that will make the obstacle of water disappear during your trip. In the menu on the left side and at the reception of De Kuilart you will find several cycling tracks.

Cycling from point to point
For beautiful cycling tracks a cycling track network has been established. This network is a simple system with which you can make your own endless cycling trip. Via numbered signs you can cycle from point to point, whereby you can choose your own length and route. At every point you will find an information sign with an overview map provided with touristic information.

How does it work?

  • The cycling map with all the points given is available at the reception of De Kuilart.
  • On the map you will see different numbers, these are the so called “points”.
  • The distance between the points are given on the map.
  • Along the way you will follow the numbered signs (boards) with which you will cycle from point to point.
  • At every point you can choose which direction to take and continue the trip.
  • You will decide your own trip and the amount of kilometres you want to cycle.

Are you enjoying your trip in the Southwest of Friesland that much that you want to extend your trip? Get your map or take a look at the overview map at a sign and add some points to your route. Just as easily as you can extend your trip, you can also shorten your trip so that you, for example, have more time to enjoy a cup of coffee with homemade apple pie on that cosy terrace at the water.

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