Splashing water activity, flyboarding!

Flyboarding, you might have seen it on television or on a fair or festival. Flips, nose dives and crazy stunts are being done above and in the water. Flyboarding, the newest rage in extreme watersport. Probably you also thought “how cool”, “awesome” and “I bet I can’t do that”, but this is not the case. Everyone can go flyboarding! Check the website with videos of Flyboard Clinics to get an impresson.

Flyboard clinic on De Kuilart!

H2O Events organizes flyboard clinics during the high season on our park. Everyone is welcome to check it out and if you are enthusiastic about the flyboarding you can even try it yourself. Participation is possible from the age of 10, a swimming certificate is compulsory. The price is € 30.00 per person (assuming there are five participants in one hour. Price inclusive 10 minutes flyboarding, wetsuit and helmet).

Experience the ultimate freedom and come with friends, family or colleagues on a Thursday in the summer holiday to go flyboarding on De Kuilart!